What Our Customers Are Saying

“Andy is a phenomenal mechanic, hard-working and honest. Andy’s Garage is of the few places you can find a good, honest, independent mechanic nowadays. I’d recommend them to anybody.”
– Joshua Lincoln
“Prior to finding Andy’s Garage, I was taking my car to dishonest repair shops that overcharged. Because of this, I was set on finding a reliable locally owned shop. Today was my first experience bringing my car Andy’s Garage, and I was very impressed. Andy was honest, trustworthy, and efficient. I will definitely be taking my car here again, and will recommend to family members and friends!”

– Rachel Zimmerman

“Best mechanic I’ve ever had! Andy is a amazing mechanic who has been a great help to my family.”
– Samantha Sloane

“We’ve been taking our vehicles to Andy for repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance for over 15 years. Andy and his staff are courteous and treat every vehicle like it is their own personal vehicle. Andy takes the time to explain what needs to be done for repairs and what to expect in the near future based on the vehicle’s current condition and maintenance schedule. He lets you know if something needs immediate attention or if it can wait until the next scheduled maintenance visit, which is very helpful when budgeting for expected maintenance expenses. The prices are fair and the service is excellent at Andy’s Garage.”
– Steve Vergot
“Extremely nice. Easily approachable. Super customer-service focus. Exceptional mechanical analytical skills. Arrived to town and had a flat. They replaced the flat for an exceptional low price. They also found a replacement for another worn tire. Then they resolved a brake problem that had bugged me for three months. Thanks for getting me on my way again.”
– Whymoney79

“Andy has been my mechanic for years, and I have always had a thoroughly pleasant and satisfactory experience with his shop. He is always fair with his pricing, honest about his work, and his skill is incredibly reliably exceptional. I recommend Andy’s garage with two thumbs up and five stars. Andy has saved my car a number of times! Thank you!”
– Pattie L.
“Andy’s Garage has been my choice for over four years! They have great service and being a woman they always give me good advice to keep my cars running. I always appreciate that, he and Felix saved me too many times to count! Finding a mechanic you can trust these days is hard and I’m proud to say Andy’s Garage is just that! Great service!!!! Keep up the good job!!!!!!”
– Marisa
“It would have been a hot time times two in the city last week, if not for Andy. I had a tap, tap, tap coming from the engine area. Thought the fan was loose, but Andy discovered something else. One of my spark plugs casings had cracked and disintegrated, the end where it usually sparks.”
– Kathi